Soey Milk: Explorations in Erotica


There is no doubt in my mind that Soey Milk is a phenomenal painter. I am inspired by her mastery of the figure and the skill she commands with pattern and fabric.

Omixochitl_RSZ I enjoy her varied painting surfaces – from the very slick and smooth to the more painterly marks.

LoopingMilk is currently studying at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design. I do not know how old she is, but I can’t stop thinking – Geepers Kreepers she’s so talented for someone still in school!

Gekkakou_blg What is most intriguing to me about Milk’s work, however, is the erotic quality of her work.

Zakuroishi (RESIZE)

I am pretty excited about this painting, because about a week ago I de-seeded a pomegranate and was immediately mesmerized by the deep red and jewel-like quality of the seeds.

Her work at first recalled John Currin, but unlike Currin’s work, I don’t get a sense of distortion or manipulation of the figure in a critical way. Maybe that’s my own bias though?

Currin pictured in his studio painting his wife for Vanity Fair

Currin pictured in his studio painting his wife for Vanity Fair

vermillion tasting

After Hers


The Harvest_RSZ

I also absolutely love her sketches.



soey milk orchid mantis


The Dream_RSZ


And then there’s the lesbian erotic content of her work. I’m not sure what I am supposed to make of these pieces, but I do like them. “I want my work to be honest” (Milk)



Milk reminds me of Japanese woodcuts, early anime and illustration. I am curious to see what she pulls from art history. When asked in an interview for Noir Notebook what inspires her, she said, “To name a few, from books, the garden, dreams, strange sounds and dusks.”

Want to learn more about Soey Milk? She has an instagram and a blog which are both pretty interesting :) She was also featured on Hi-Fructose.

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